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Documents accepted for proof of Scholastic Eligibility

Documents accepted for proof of Scholastic Eligibility


  • Qualifying Report Card - 

    • Must be the last report card the child received for the 2016 - 2017 school year.

    • Must show grades from the final grading period during that year.

    • Must have the child's name, grade in school, school name clearly printed. Everything has to be legible and there should be no handwriting except comments, and signatures. If the copy doesn't show the subject grade clearly we cannot write it in.

  • Tiny Mite Form-

    • If you have children that were in kindergarten for the 2016 - 2017 school year, or they start kindergarten in 2017, and did not get a report card from their school, please use the TM without Report Cards Form.

  • Scholastic Eligibility Form (SEF) 

    • If the parent cannot get a copy of the report card or if the child has below a 2.0 or 70% grade point average they need to fill this out. (Exception to this is if the child is in Special Education and IEP is printed on their report card.) The SEF form needs to be signed by the Head Coach. Proof of enrollment is required when using this form. Either a note from the school, student ID, or the failing report card. Proof of enrollment must be received by 9/10 for the child to be eligible to play/practice, or you need an exception from the Regional SD.

  • Home School Form (HSF) 

    • For children who participate in a Home School Program.

  • The following are links to informational forms about the scholastic program

Financial Aid

Financial Aid


Off The Sideline creates stronger communities by providing scholarships for low-income youth to participate in team sports when they are most at risk. For information visit

Off The Sideline Application Form. Must apply through the community partners on their website or through your school counselor

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